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Tenamark is your source for services and products designed to improve your healthcare experience and ensure you receive your best outcomes.

The founders of Tenamark have one goal -- to ensure the power to control your healthcare experience is in your hands.  

It all began in a patient exam room in rural NW Ohio. The founding members met years’ prior working with an orthopedic group.  It wasn’t until the father of one of the founders broke his hip that it became very personal.  My dad recovered fully, but the complexity of the process and the realization of the struggles he would have faced without my years of professional experience left a lasting impression.  

The founders vowed to apply their insider knowledge to create tools to put power in the patient’s hands. 

You have spent your whole life seeking out, developing, and demanding change. Tenamark is here to support you in applying these same values to your healthcare experience because It's Personal!